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 Common E.T.P. for Jetpur Process House.

E.T.P / Consultancy

 M/s. Ficom, Ankleshwar (Advance Oxidation)

Ozone Treatment / E.T.P / Liaisoning / Treatibility / O&M

 M/s. G.I.L, Ankleshwar (Advance Oxidation)

E.T.P. / Treatibility

 M/s. Prem Industries, Naroda Ahmedabad.

E.T.P / Consultancy of Bio-reactor / Ozonization

 M/s. Modern Terry Towel, Sanand,  Ahmedabad

E.T.P. / Treatibility

 M/s. Modern Denim Ltd, Bawla, Ahmedabad

E.T.P/ Consultancy

 M/s. Parikh Impex Pvt Ltc. Ahmedabad

E.T.P / Consultancy

 Indo-Dutch Textile Projects, ATIRA

E.T.P at Ghats / Consultancy

 M/s. Sanand Eco Project Ltd., Sanand

Land Fill site clearance

 M/s. Anglo French Textile Mills Ltd.  Pondicherry

E.T.P / Treatiblity

 M/s. New Sorrok Mills Ltd, Nadiad 

Air Pollution / D.C.W.M on IJT coal fire boiler

 M/s. Synpol Products Ltd. Ahmedabad

Zero Discharge Technology for waste water treatment by Evaporation.

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