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  Diffused Aeration System

Diffused Aeration :
All Diffuser for waste water products are available as complete systems with blowers and all in-basin aeration equipment. Aqua may also supply diffusers only and allow customers to source piping and supports locally.
Feature :
• Our membrane thickness to provide uniform bubble diameter and pattern
• Self-cleaning, non-clog I-shaped slits
• Low maintenance
• Guaranteed leak-proof design
• Pipe mounting system absorbs vibration and reduces installation time
• Diffusers are factory assembled for easy installation
• No diffuser fouling or replacement
• No moving parts
• Tolerates higher air and water temperatures
• Resistant to attack from most common wastewater chemicals
The tube membranes are extruded from low extractable oil content EPDM polyurethane, silicone or nitrite.
Airflow Range:
From 0.5 to 10 SCFM (0.8 to 17 m3/hr) per diffuser
Standard oxygen transfer efficiency from 1.5% to over 2.0% per foot of submergence*
Products :
1. Fine Bubble Round Diffusers
2. Fine Bubble Tubular Diffusers
3. Tube Diffuser
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