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Our mission is to provide outstanding Wastewater services to our customers while protecting public health and the environment.
We will become a world-class utility while protecting the environment. We will operate in a cost-effective manner and continually
improve our work practices and ourselves.
Our vision will be achieved through
• Effective Leadership.
• Teams of highly trained, multi-skilled, motivated individuals.
• An organizational culture of trust, cooperation and open communication.
• Decisions made at the lowest level possible.
• Appropiate technology.
• Compensation based on technology and skill.
Our goal is to provide complete and cost-effective service and to respond rapidly to expanding service requirements.
Our Offerings:
Water Treatment Projects and Plants
Zero Discharge waste water treatment plants
Solid Waste Treatment Plants
General Services & AMC
•Design & Engineering
•Sourcing & Supply
•Quality Control and inspection as per ISO standards
•Installation & commissioning
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